Monday, September 27, 2010

Ghost Stories!

        Thanks everyone, for the wonderful--and spooky!--ghost stories trickling in to my mailbox! For those who didn't catch this edition of Authorbuzz, send in your own true-life ghost story to add your name to a drawing for one of 5 signed copies of Temporary Lives I'm giving away. (Via email: Contest still open. And here is the Authorbuzz link, with more about the ghost stories in Temporary Lives:

         Thanks, too, to all the librarians who have sent me stories of ghosts they've seen--some in libraries! To find out more about the contest for librarians--I'm giving away five author-discounted copies of Temporary Lives to the most striking stories of hauntings emailed to me--here is the Authorbuzz link:

        And I hope, with your prior permission (I'll email you first), to post the winning stories right here, so stay tuned!

          Contests open for a couple weeks from today.


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