Sunday, October 20, 2013

Delphi Marks One Year

I'm so pleased and proud to note that Delphi Quarterly, the journal of online interviews with writers of literary prose and poetry that started as a small idea in my head last fall has marked a whole year of existence with its fourth issue this fall.
It's been a tremendous year, and I could not have done it without the help of my early co-editor and fellow-interviewer, Joe Ponepinto, and newer co-editors Dan Gutstein and Shilpa Kameswaran, nor without the interest, enthusiasm, and intellectualism of every single writer-interviewer who has worked assiduously on thoughtful and thought-provoking interviews all year--including Linda Legters, Ankita Bhargava, writers from the Bangalore Writers' Workshop, Jenn Alandy, and again, Dan and Shilpa who started with Delphi as interviewers first. 
The year has been wide-ranging and diverse: in earlier issues, we have featured interviews with poets, experimental prose writers, fiction writers, writing teachers, and writer-publishers: Neil Shepard, Gretchen Henderson, Farah Ghuznavi, Sharbari Ahmed, Maureen Thorson, Kathleen Rooney, Justin Sirois, Rheea Mukherjee, Bhumika Anand, Tania Hershman, Steve Himmer, Dan Cafaro, Minal Hijratwalla, and Sarah Gorham.
Truly, we are a writing community, and I thank you all for being and becoming a part of Delphi.
The Fall Issue presents the work of writers Patricia Sarrafian Ward, Dan Gutstein, and writers from the Afghan Women Writers' Project.  Please drop in for a read.
And if you'd like to interview for Delphi, or if you have a book of fiction/creative non-fiction/poetry/ecology or a play or film or a writing workshop you'd like to profile, please drop us a line. We want to hear from you!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Delphi Quarterly Launches Premiere Issue

"You have to allow yourself to fall into the Void, stripping yourself of your cherished certainties. Only then will you begin to see what there is to see. "
       --Neil Shepard, Delphi Quarterly
"There’s a rule I call “Only use what is in the room,” meaning never introduce a character or object into a novel or scene if you can use what is already there."      
       --Justin SiroisDelphi Quarterly
"Sometimes the sheer talent of our students inspires me to write.  A workshop, even if you are facilitating, always inspires you to write and work at your writing in a more consistent fashion."
       --Rheea MukherjeeBangalore Writers Workshop, Delphi Quarterly
"What publishing has taught me about writing is how important it is to be aware of what other people are writing."
       --Sarah Gorham, Sarabande Books, Delphi Quarterly
I'm so pleased to say that Delphi Quarterly, the online journal I've been working on for the last couple months, neglecting Afterviews for, is now live -- yes, the Oracle speaks :)
Delphi now also has a co-editor, writer and LA Review Book Editor Joe Ponepinto. We think it's a fantastic inaugural issue -- and we are pleased to be featuring women and men writers, workshop leaders, and publishers. We're also travelling the world--with writers from the US South to the Northeast and mid-Atlantic to India and Iraq.
Please visit us online at
We're all about writers interviewing writers, so if you are a writer of literary or ecological prose or poetry, please consider introducing a writer whose work you know on Delphi. Visit our Guidelines page and drop Joe Ponepinto or me a line at or If you would like to be interviewed for a recent or older publication, or if you'd like to interview other writers occasionally or regularly for Delphi, also let us know. This is all new, but we hope sometime to link interviewees to interested interviewers.
Delphi was conceived with other writers in mind, so do please spread the word -- if you are a writer, known or unknown, anywhere in the world, this space is for you, your voice, and the voices of writers you know whose work you think deserves a wider audience.
I'm happy we've launched, and I look forward to meeting you at Delphi!
More regular fare from Afterviews to appear soon :)